Wednesday, October 9, 2013

US Dollar Collapse Imminent, where is the safe haven?

Jeff Berwick is a Canadian entrepreneur, economics, finance, and investment writer, and libertarian and anarcho-capitalist activist. He believes that we are going through a significant market shift. He goes on to say that the excessive printing of money will lead to hyperinflation, and adds, this is exactly what the Federal Reserve is doing now. They have been printing 10% of the money every year, for the last 5 years. He believes that the economic (US dollar and Stock markets) collpase is imminent, and that we should look towards alternate forms of wealth such as Gold or Bitcoins.
Bitcoin, the first free-market non-localized private money, is seen as a great threat to the Government's monopoly of money. However, the recent economic collapses in smaller regions (think Cyprus), have spurred the rise of Bitcoin and its non-centrality as an alternative to the FIAT currency.

Dan Popescu, a global markets strategist and gold expert, shares his thoughts about Gold and China. He talks about a 'black swan event' that is at our doorstep and how that can make the price of gold 'explode' in a day. Gold is important because it is a "hard currency" that has value, as opposed to the FIAT currency which is not backed by anything.
China is a major buyer of gold, and their strategy is to gather a large deposit of gold to be able to properly back up their currency, unlike any other currency now. If the Chinese can successfully back up their currency with gold, they will be able to give credibility to their currency.
The world is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the current system. He believes, within the next 3 to 5 years, that "we'll have a currency crisis with a new international monetary system, and gold will defnitely be part of it." Gold will shoot up in a shock, surprise move, and he "won't be surprised" if gold goes above US$2000/oz within a year.

Another video also highlights that 90% of market movement will come in the last 10% of time. Click here to watch the full video: Silver - 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time
Last video I want to share with you is from Ned Goodman. Ned is a Canadian billionaire with a unique perspective on the world economy. He starts off in the video by saying that "the dollar is about to be dethroned as the world's de facto currency".
He justifies his claim by explaining how the US dollar is backed by nothing, but still has a strong power in the world, because all oil in the middle east is traded with US dollars. That is how the dollar got to where it is today. However, China has recently made deals with Russia to buy oil in Chinese Yuan (RMB), opening the path to international partnership between these two big players. It was also obvious from the tension in Syria, that China and Russia are on the same side. We are heading into a period of "stag-flation" as the Federal Reserve loses its power to print money at will.
We buy things to protect our future purchase power. To continue doing so today, he emphasizes the need to start buying hard assets.

For those of you who are still unsure about what FIAT currency means, or how the US dollar is not backed by anything, I'll end of with one of my favourite videos that very aptly answers these questions.
Or watch it on YouTube: When Will The Economy Collapse?

Thank you for reading, and I hope you gained some value from this post. Be safe and all the best!

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